Confession of a Shopaholic (Me!)

No, this blog is not about Confessions of a Shopaholic, the 2009 American romantic comedy film based on the first two entries in the Shopaholic series of novels by Sophie Kinsella.

This is Confession of a Shopaholic; this is my confession.

From the time I can remember I have always loved shopping. Shopping for anything from groceries to jewelry excites me. In fact, Retail management was one of my all-time favorite courses in my MBA curriculum! Everything from store location, to store design to merchandise selection and customer service is an exciting arena for me. I have spent hours along the aisles of shopping malls/ shops/ arenas marveling at the assortment of products and items. I am probably not a great customer, as I am an observer for, I don’t buy much, usually. But then I have my spending sprees. (Once after my internship, I had spent hours buying tons of stuff.)

If you have watched the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, you would know about shopaholics. I am like Rebecca, the lead character/ shopaholic, in some ways and very different in a lot of ways too. What are the similarities? The most obvious one would be the enthusiasm and joy for shopping, starting from a very young age. Rebecca and I both know a thing or two about shopping, deals, and their pitfalls. But like Rebecca (for most of the movie) I also routinely fall for the marketing tactics despite knowing I should not (what a pity! (facepalm)). And like Rebecca I have an overflowing wardrobe situation! (facepalm again). But the wardrobe situation is mostly the result of my hoarder instinct, I just find it incredibly difficult to let go of things (material possessions, emotions, etc.) But unlike Rebecca, I am not that impeccably dressed, stunning looking person. And I have not gone bankrupt shopping. Also, I only wish that I could write as fluently and innovatively as Rebecca does!

And then today happened. My shopaholic moment! (The last one shopaholic splurge happened last year).

Today was a big sale at one of the leading e-commerce company. I am a regular at e-commerce website and apps too, more window shopping than actual shopping. It has been months since my “holidays” began and maybe it was all my idle energy, or maybe it was latent shopping desire anyways, but anyhow I spent hours going through the shopping app, wish listing hundreds of products. And unlike in the past, I bought a load of stuff!

Once I landed on the site, it was a shopaholic’s paradise!

There were too many exciting offers and deals that made shopping more enticing; beginning from an offer that one of my friends had sent me to the buy 1 get one free offer just before checkout.

After my giant online haul, I was grinning from ear to ear, satisfied with my amazing purchase decision. Naturally, my enthusiasm spilled into my conversations also. And one of my friends was seriously worried! The friend was concerned about me and asked with genuine concern, “are suffering from depression or loneliness?”. No, Dear friend, I am not. Today, for the first time I was the dream customer for the shopping app creators!

Maybe I will not like the products as much as I liked them when I was shopping. Maybe the fit/color/ product specification might not be just right. Maybe I will have to wait for long before I can flaunt my shopping haul. But today, I am simply happy in my shopaholic ecstasy. Like Scarlet O’ Hara in Gone With the Wind, “I will think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day”.  

For now, I will simply appreciate the neat app layout, the enticing offers, product pictures with perfect lighting, helpful suggestions, easy navigation, easy check out with more deals around the last corner. I say, good job team! Keep creating amazing shopping experiences! I can use some endorphins now!

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