30-day Fitness Challenge

For the past two months, I have been living life like a retired fellow rather than a young post-graduate. Since my brother’s wedding, a lazy lethargy has set upon me and I have been enjoying all the deliciousness that routinely grace our table owing to the presence of the new member. All this has means just one thing- rounder cheeks and a fuller frame. Yes! I am now at the danger of crossing the normal BMI range.
What woke me up from the apparent disregard for health? It was a video call with one of our cousins. My cousin’s first remark was- your face is so round! At this point, I described my meals and my lazy lifestyle. My poor cousin is a young mum and has been having a difficult time with a kid, household and office work during corona times and here I was living the life! I had things to be worried about such as the ever delayed joining letter and all but I refused to permit these thoughts into my consideration. I have been the ostrich with its head buried in the sand.
After the call, I couldn’t help but think of the time before two months, just before my brother’s wedding. It was lockdown then and anxiety was at its peak. But I was furiously clinging on to health and wellness, morning exercise, health eating, hair massage for my thinning hair, etc. But after the wedding, it has just been living the holiday life. Blessed to have family beside me, food on the table and roof over our heads. I have been contented with life! The trouble with being contented is that one does not have any urge or inclination to change the status quo. Hence, I ate like it was the sole purpose of my existence, and exercise was conveniently forgotten.
The aftermath of the call was that I decided that enough was enough. And I had to get back to being healthy before I became obese. Thus, motivated and fueled with the purpose of being healthy I have set a goal; to lose 5kgs in 30 days while having a healthy balanced meal and a healthy dose of exercise. The challenge is to lose excess weight without any crazy or unsustainable diet. And 5kg is no arbitrary number, after losing five kg I will be well within normal BMI range and at the weight that was recommended to me by a doctor. I have decided to reduce my sugar intake and carbohydrates. I might also try out intermittent fasting and green tea for boosting my metabolism.
Armed with a fitness tracker, meditation app, and ton of other resources, I am off to the pursuit of optimum health and wellness.
I intent to review my fitness challenge and goals after 30 days and hopefully I will be grinning with satisfaction.
Wish me luck!

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