“The world was hers for the reading.” – Betty Smith

Pinterest is an interesting app and it allows one to spent endless time without any fulfilling any real purpose. I joined Pinterest with the exclusive purpose of finding trends and communicating the same to my mother for my brother’s wedding. But after the wedding, it took a different turn. It became my escape- a place to spent endless hours looking at different content from strangers. This bit is what I like the most, I can marvel at a lot of things without a tinge of jealousy or envy- just pure admiration for material possessions, impressive quotes, deco, design, etc. 

Once the lazy eye which is forever in pursuit of something interesting fell on a pin- https://www.pinterest.com/pin/374995106476289616/sent/?invite_code=b8b25b8c125c4568a695ece477b3b605&sender=718887296677641054&sfo=1

The pin was titled “2018 World Reading Challenge”. In it, the author had pointed out 52 books corresponding to 52 countries. To travel the world while sitting at home during quarantine seemed to be a fascinating idea! I feel Betty Smith was very right in saying “The world is hers for the reading”.

On closer inspection, of the list, I found out that I had already read 9 of these books. Interestingly each of these books is set in a different timeline and different geography- giving a glimpse of what life is/was. The simple google search “around the world in books” will throw up numerous results. It seems a lot of people have put in time and effort and created their version of books to read to travel around the world without moving from your chair! With devices like kindle, one does not even have to go to a bookstore to get a book! Suddenly I also felt that had I been a more meticulous and enthusiastic reader maybe I could have created my list! Maybe I will- one day, someday…  

How did my memory fall back on a pin I saw over a month ago? Presently my mother is reading the Malayalam translation of a Bengali trilogy which tells the tale of three generations of Bengali women and their household. And I am reading Ibis Trilogy. I have only halfway through the first book, but I must say it has been quite an experience so far! A glimpse into the British Empire in India, zamindars, opium, and much more. Suddenly a few lines in the CBSE Class 10 History textbook had a lot of more meaning and depth. It seems to me that when we see the lives of others; their hopes, pains, and survival that we come to truly appreciate a fact- give fact a human face. 

Many of my friends and acquaintances find my reading to be odd- I’m not a voracious reader yet I love to get lost in a book now and then. This habit of mine is something strange for people who don’t enjoy reading. Today I stumbled upon a quote for those who loath reading, “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” – J.K. Rowling.  

Probably curious and observant minds do not need books to understand and interpret the world around them. Unfortunately, I’m neither that curious nor so observant as to understand the unspoken and unwritten words. Maybe someday I will develop the faculty for it but till then books and movies it is for me.   

For a person who has never been out of her own country- reading and movies are the closest I have come to know other countries, cultures, and people. I still have a long list of movies to watch but unfortunately, our service provider is crumbling under the extreme demand and pressure posed by work-from-home and online classes, thus leaving no space for entertainment. And thus the deprivation of movies on OTT has resulted in increased time for reading. 

Before we part ways, if you have a book suggestion please let me know. Now that my daily blog entry is done, I am off to the adventures aboard the Ibis. 

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