2 regrettable movie choices

Disclaimer: Incomplete article

Recently I watched two movies namely Ponmagal Vandhal and Penguin. Both of which were released on OTT platforms. Both the movies have strong female leads who are the only saving grace of the movies. 

Two movies that had to sever deficiency in reason and logic. They seem to be steeped in maternal love and nothing beyond. Ponmagal Vandhal at least has a good theme to rally behind, even though it had several logical flaws. Penguin in particularly suffers from pathetic dialogues as well. 

Honestly, the films are lucky to have been released on OTT because I seriously doubt about the possible turnout at the movies.
After watching a lot of amazing movies, these two were dramatic let downs.
I just finished watching Penguin and I am still recovering from the movie.
Probably I will edit this post later…

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